Where can I get a high quality Jews Harp?

I know how difficult it is to get a high quality khomus. So I decided to make a little survey. I wrote to the best Forges in Molln, Austria, Zella-Melis, Germany, Kekshemet, Hungary and tried to get a instrument. Also I asked Spiridon for his thoughts about that matter.

Whenever I find a very good Instrument, I will show it here. All of the Khomus here are testet and If you want to get one, - here you can see what is going on.

I do not participate in your orders - its just a service from

F.A. Schluetter from Zella-Mehlis, Thueringen, Germany

F.A. Schlütter aus Zella-Mehlis was the fastest. 3 Days after my mail O got a first response. Whow! Congratulations Mr.Schlütter! Powerfull sound, rich of overtones and very light. Even a good Instrument for Beginners. That is a very good Instrument I recommend to buy this.


Klangbeispiel mp3
Klangbeispiel Realplayer

Lets have a look to Hungary. Here is the shop from Zoltan Szylágyi a very good possibility to get a good Khomus.

Zoltán Szylági

You should definitly have a look at his online catalogue


Model Kathmandu


Modell KathmanduDeep, smooth and rich of overtones
mp3 soundsample

Model First Lady


Modell First LadySharp, warm base-sound, rich of overtones
mp3 soundsample

Model Lady Melody


Modell Lady Melodiesmall and sharp like a kitchen-knife
mp3 soundsample

Model Polynesia Totem


Modell Polinesia TotemMeditative Sound, not easy to play because of the length
mp3 soundsample

Yakutian Jews Harps are available from Werner Kumpl in Austria.

Christophorof ( diff. Sizes) - S 800,-- to S 1.200,-- € 58,-- to€ 88,--
Prokovieff S 1.300,-- € 95,--
Michaelof S 1.100,-- € 80,--
Chimchoef ( with Mammoth- oder Birdmotiv in Copper )
S 1.600,-- € 116,--

Maultrommel vergroessern
Maultrommel vergroessern
Mahito Nagase


also available: Jews Harps from Mahito Nagase ( Japan ), who is making "khokin`s".
They are like the Hmong-Harps, but made of metal with a bamboo-case. ca. l x w in cm - 10 x 1cm,
Price S 800,-- € 58,--.

Maultrommel vergroessern
Maultrommel vergroessern
Chimchoev € 155,00
Michaelov € 95,00

I can´t say much about these models: Outstanding. Outstanding. Outstanding.




At Dan Moi you can get wonderfull Vietnamese Jewsharps in a very good quality. I hope to realise a direct Order Forum for Dan Moi soon. If you look for a unusual Instrument with low price and good quality - get it!.



DAN MOI Spezial. Very fine vietnamese Jewsharp. The sound pitches up during playing.
12 Euro


Chinese Jewsharps Kou Xiang
They are played in pairs of 3 or 4 Tongues. The Tongues are tuned differently.
Whow!! - up from 20 EUR


Japanese Bamboojewsharp.
Not easy to play. 10 Euro

Chinese Bamboojewsharps
You find three diff. tuned Bamboojewsharps in that Bamboocase.
Nice Sound. 20 EURO


Indian Jewsharps
The right one is from Rajasthan and decorated at the Front. The left one is from South-India.

Both are wonderfull for Percussion.

The Rajastan Jewsharp, called Moorjang, is a bit deeper in sound, made of a softer Steel.
The South-Indian Jewsharp, called Moorsing is tuned higher and a very typical indian Jewsharp.
The classical South-Indian Music is using the Moorsing for Percussion Purposes.



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