Hi Friends of the Jewsharp!

This Page is made to remember that very old, - but forgotten - instrument to a wide audience.
Today, most people do not know that the Khomus - yakutian name for Jews Harp - is one of the oldest intruments of the mankind with various traditions to play.
One of the reasons for that may be the quality of the Jews Harps available in Shops outthere.
(Imagine you get a kind of plastic-ukulele and they tell you that is a Concert-Guitar.

The Forges in Sakha-Yakutia kept there thousand-years-old tradition and the people there do play that Instrument in a very long tradition in a way you never heard bevore, - it will touch your heard - especially when a musician like Spiridon Schischigin is playing.

But - it is possible to get very high quality Khomus on more places - you only have to find them!


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Frank Kolb


20.06.2018 12:02 PM